Frequently Asked Questions

4 months running from September through December.

The venture fellows program consists of a combination of in person events and remote meetings and content sessions.

Applications are now open and available here.

Apply to Susa Venture Fellows

Any aspiring venture capital investor, based in or willing to travel attend regular in person events in San Francisco, regardless of educational background, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, upbringing, or professional experience.

While the Venture Fellows Program is part-time, it is also a highly immersive experience. The more Fellows put into it, the more they will get out. Fellows meet as a group once every other week for two hours. Additionally, fellows join diligence meetings with the Susa investors. On average this schedule constitutes 5 hours per week of work. This program will be a mix of in person events at the Susa office in San Francisco’s Mission District as well as many virtual meetings with founders and the Susa team. 

Venture Fellows will be offered an opportunity to participate in the economics of deals they bring in. They will also receive a monthly stipend to compensate for hours they may need to take off from work.